Hate to say it, but…

I have just returned from Bulgaria and Italy, where I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to hundreds of people about the foremost challenge facing our species today. That challenge is to solve this continuing riddle:

How is it possible that 8 billion members of a single species could all say they want the same thing — survival, safety, security, peace, prosperity, opportunity, happiness, and love — and be utterly unable to produce it…even after trying for thousands of years?

Is it possible that there is something we don’t fully understand about about Life, the understanding of which would change everything? Could there be something we do not fully understand about ourselves, and about each other, the understanding of which would alter our lives forever for the better?

If we do not solve this mystery, we run the risk of bringing a sad ending to The Human Experiment on this planet within the next half century — or sooner. We will absolutely end our adventure here if we simply refuse to even acknowledge that the questions exist, much less that it is fair to ask them and vital to answer them.

I have written the following in the Introduction to my next book, Understanding Humanity/Demonstrating Divinity (to be published in 2017):

The problem is, most human beings do not know who they are. There is enormous confusion about our True Nature and our Real Identity.

Actually, there’s more than confusion. There’s denial. Innocent, but widespread, denial.

Put confusion and denial together and you’ve got the perfect recipe for making big mistakes. Or, to put it another way, decision-making in life on Earth.

We’ve made some progress, yes. Apologists will point out how far humanity has advanced as a civilization. And they are accurate in pointing out that things are not as bad as they used to be. But is that it? Is that the most we can say about our global experience? Can we at least also say that our civilization has at last become civilized?

You be the judge.

More than 1.5 billion people do not have electricity on this planet in this, the 21st Century. A higher number, over 1.6 billion, have no access to clean water. A much higher number still, over 2.5 billion, do not have basic sanitation. That’s right, in the first quarter of the 21st century over a quarter of the world’s people are without toilets.

But these are simply inconveniences. Some 19,000 children die each day on this planet from preventable health issues, such as malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia.

Wait. We’re not done. Over 650 children die every hour on Earth of starvation.

In the meantime, 85 of the world’s richest people hold more wealth than 3.5 billion…that’s half the planet’s population…combined. And the value system of millions insists there’s nothing wrong with this, and that this final statistic has nothing to do with the earlier ones.

So what do you think? Are we a civilized species?

We’re still creating and threatening the use of weapons of mass destruction as our only defense in a global community that has found it impossible to create a way to simply get along. Is this civilized?

We’re still killing human beings intentionally as a means of teaching human beings that killing humans beings intentionally is not okay—and we fail to see the contradiction. Does this make sense?

We’re still claiming that a loving God does not want people who cherish each other to marry each other if they are the same gender as each other—or even if they are not the same gender, but are of different races, religions, tribes or cultures. Is this our definition of love?

We’re still brutally killing and eating the flesh of other intelligent animals, pretending that they’re not intelligent enough to know that they are suffering from how they are raised and how they are slaughtered—or that it doesn’t matter even if they do experience suffering. Is this how we measure what we label that which is humane?

We’re still smoking and ingesting known carcinogens, ignoring how huge numbers of us are suffering from what we are doing to ourselves, and we’re still abusing alcohol and drugs, pretending that these are substances we can handle—all the while we’re not handling them at all. Is this a measure of our intelligence?

And it’s not just each of our individual behaviors that raise the question of whether we’re civilized. Today even a casual observer can see that not one of the collaboratively created systems, institutions and devices that our civilization has put into place to help us become civilized is doing anything of the sort.

It’s worse than that. They’re actually doing exactly the opposite.

Our political systems are creating nothing but disagreement and disarray. Our economic systems are actually increasing poverty and the divide between those who have more than enough and those who have not nearly enough. Our social systems are actually increasing disparity, prejudice, injustice and despair.

And perhaps most dysfunctional of all, our spiritual systems are producing not a deeper sense of godliness and goodwill, unity and oneness among Earth’s people, but, instead, the kind of intolerance, anger, cruelty, hatred, and righteousness that leads not just to holier-than-thou separation, but to holier-than-thou killing.

What gives here? What’s going on with the human race that it cannot see what it’s doing to itself? Where is humanity’s blind spot?

Might it be time to ask those questions above? I’ve asked them before, in other writings, in television interviews, and in workshops, seminars, and lectures across the globe. But the questions keeps arising, now more insistently than ever, leading us to ask another question:

Is there any hope? Are we really nothing more than a species of immature beings run amok, blowing up H-bombs under the ground to prove our invincibility while dismantling our planet’s under-layer in the process—then wondering why we’re seeing such an increase is earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes?

Have we so lost our collective mind as to think that the way to stop terrorism and killing on our streets and in our schools is for everybody in the world to carry a gun, reverting back to America’s Wild West when the most important question was, “Who is quickest on the draw?”

Have we so lost our collective will as to simply throw up our hands in frustration as wars and battles for supremacy create refugee crises rendering millions homeless?

Have we so lowered our collective standards as to find it actually preferable for divisiveness, rudeness, insults and tasteless verbal bullying to become the hallmark of political leadership?

Is this what we have come to? Gun-toting, fist-pumping, verbal-bashing, jaw-jutting, loud-mouthed intimidators and strong-armed tyrants daring anyone to stand up for what is gentle, peaceful, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, and—God forbid—loving?

If we can’t even agree on how to disagree, can we possibly agree on how to be agreeable? Can we ever become experientially aware that there is such a thing as Divinity—much less be Divinely inspired, Divinely motivated, Divinely activated, Divinely expressed, and Divinely realized in our daily lives?


Yes, we can.

But what the world needs now is a different approach to explaining our gentle, loving Deity, replacing our fearful, righteous and condemning way of warning each other about what so many have claimed for so long to be a fearful, righteous, and condemning God.

We need a sweet, kind, and tender way of exploring how we may all know and experience our highest self and express our True Nature. And that starts with understanding.

We’re being invited by the increasingly challenging events of Life Itself to move to a new level of comprehension regarding who we really are, why we are really here, and what we are really able, and choosing, to express and experience.

We’ve solved scientific mysteries, we’ve performed medical miracles, we’ve created technological marvels, but we have failed to solve the most fundamental problem: How to simply get along. We have also failed to understand the one thing we would most benefit from understanding: Ourselves.

For our species, understanding Humanity and its relationship to Divinity must be the next most worthy goal, the next most important objective, the next most urgent undertaking if we are to collectively create a life that allows our species to move forward, not backward, on its evolutionary path, and if we are to each live a life that makes sense to our soul.

Understanding Humanity will equip us to eliminate our human-made problems, and will give us the tools to meet many of the challenges that we have claimed and declared to be presented by Nature as well (ignoring, in the past, the fact that human choices, decisions, and actions have produced so many of them).

Understanding Humanity thus is—for our entire species and for you, individually—the Most Urgent Exploration. Everything else pales in importance by comparison. So then, shall we get on with it?

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  • I often think that if we seriously taught the LOA, i.e. The Law of Attraction, that we would eventually embrace this because we would all desire to create what’s in our best interest.

    • Awareness

      “The Law Of Attraction says, The essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn” – abraham-hicks(dot)com 🙂

      I remember sometime ago in my dream time I was listening to a voice that sounded like the Abraham (SOURCE ENERGY!) channeller (Esther Hicks) talking about the Law of Attraction and these last words (in quotes) I remember just before waking up:

      “You say it is magic, and we say IT IS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION” 😀

      I enjoyed that dream 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Thanks!

        • AKA Patrick

          To sort of pull together the above threads, realize it’s a consciousness thing. Gregg Braden, Dr. Wayne Dyer, David Wilcock, and David Icke are all proponents of exactly that. WE are all part of that, as well, since WE ARE ALL ONE.

          • AKA Patrick

            To return briefly to a comment of mine before for related material, we have to consider that, in one of NDW’s great works, the God Self actually says we can do MAGIC. And what else is it if not magic, that we were created with the capacity to create physical reality out of thin air? I haven’t learned yet how, but I seek to know. I remember too that Master Jesus said: “Seek and ye shall find”.

          • AKA Patrick

            Again, in a wonderful book by Thomas F. Crum, entitled “The Magic of Conflict”, it is pointed out that CONFLICT is a game changer, because it’s the thing that motivates us to action, which even in the Spiritual world, is necessary for change to occur. If we didn’t know we’ve got a problem or problems, then we have nothing to do but sit in Heaven and strum our harps eternally. Frankly, I’d be bored to tears. (I think most of us would). The title intrigued me when I first saw it. I thought naaaa, come on. get real. But after having my eyes opened, I realized what he’s saying is true. Not that all conflict is good–of course, that’s not true. But like anything else in Life, it’s not the thing itself which is bad (Being a neutral stimulus object), but HOW it’s used. That’s what determines its goodness or badness or somewhere in-betweenness.

          • Well as we advance & become more integrated, whole & enlightened, who knows where that will take us?

            I believe that we eventually outgrow violence, pain, suffering, conflict. All of these can serve a purpose for good & do for the most part.

            Yet I feel the contrasts of a very enlightened integrated society will have mostly or only contrasts of good. Like good, better, great, fabulous, amazing, blissful etc. They would be all varying degrees of goodness.

          • AKA Patrick

            Marko, I find your experience similar to the husband of my adopted foreign family. He believes (and devoutly practices) his faith, which calls for him to love and help others, fully expecting that “all else shall follow”. And it certainly seems to be doing exactly that in a big and wonderful way.

          • That’s pretty cool.

          • Well for me I’m simply working & playing to manifest chronic well beingness, inner peace. With that, everything else should follow.

  • cloutierfamily

    I think humanity is doomed, more or less. Maybe a hundred years from now the survivors of the social, political, economic, military, and environmental disasters might have some hope of starting over and doing something new. However, the trajectory of our society is so completely unsustainable that collapse is now inevitable. I could be wrong…tell me does God say that I am wrong?

    • Stephen mills

      God says its up to you ,who else is there !
      Have you read Tomorrow’s God by Neale it’s a treasure and explains so much .


    • AKA Patrick

      Yes, Cloutiers, you’re wrong. We simply have to BE the changes we want to see. As well, there are many others who are advocating consciousness raising and expanding processes, since creation is a process, and not at one-time event.

    • mewabe

      I agree and I think as well that civilization in its present form is doomed, that is to say unsustainable, because not only out of balance, but directly opposing the natural world and in conflict with natural law in its multi-faceted attempts to overcome and control nature through brutal, forceful and often very toxic means.

      But expansion and collapse are part of natural cycles, like breathing in and out. Out of decays comes fertility and new growth, out of all mistakes usually comes new understanding, so we should ultimately not judge or resist any mistakes or any ending, which often herald a new wisdom and new beginning.

      We just have to be patient as the toddlers are still playing with fire and messing with things they do not yet understand, while we try to limit the damage (that’s what environmental activism is for). We cannot stop the present madness, but perhaps we can save a few old growth trees, wolves and rivers from destruction, out of our love for life and compassion for all living things.

      • hempwise

        Yes indeed like them clearing down the old growth trees. And not understanding that planting another would take 300 years to produce the same amount of oxygen as the one you chopped down .Knowing that the Amazon rain forest produces so much of our breathable air,this seems like a suicide mission on a global scale.

        Patience has run out time to take over the asylum from the short term profiteers and go long haul . So at least we have the opportunity to protect the future for our children and their children’s children children.The Iroquois used to make decisions until the 7th generation !

        What do we expect on an every man for himself planet that allows a few people to get together to form corporations competing against each other to own the worlds resources our fresh water land and the commons .

        • mewabe

          Short-term thinking, denial, mistaken beliefs and false hope form the witch brew that is poisoning all life. As Wallace Black Elk said, toxicity starts in the mind.
          When the mind is not connected to the heart, and the heart is not connected to the soul, and the soul is not connected to the universe, people are lost.
          The simple truth stands below our feet, it is in the earth. The creator did not create this planet as a way station to be rushed through while oblivious to its beauty and spiritual power.
          I have yet to read or hear people who think of themselves as spiritual leaders, in any nation or tradition except for Native Americans, express their love for the earth, and their understanding that the earth is permeated with spiritual energy, imprinted with divine knowledge.
          The fear of paganism has caused all to look up and beyond life and to disregard the beauty, power and divine presence that is all around them.
          This is one of the reasons we are destroying this divine creation, looking for God in all the wrong places, such as religions that defined wild nature as the abode of the devil.

          • Stephen mills

            As John Trudell would say we have been mine mapped .So agree with you out of touch with reality and our relationship to our real mother .

  • Krista de Villiers

    Jeremy Griffiths in “Freedom”The end of the human condition, explains the denial and why we humans behave the way they do. I really think his is the answer we have been looking for. I just don’t quite understand how God fits into his picture and where to from here. I can’t wait for your book “Understanding Humanity/ Demonstrating Divinity.

  • Gina

    I think the problem is as is written in CWG 3 and some of Deepak Chopra’s writing, humanity is too deeply mired in the physical /material life with all its joys and pains. Pleasures of the flesh in all its kinds and all the side effects and down sides take over the mind, and they don’t ask the question of who they are until they are challenged in some major, major ways. Everywhere I look folks ask, what will we eat, what will we drink, what will we wear, with all the social media and gadgets and devices, all the more literally theses days! Neale wrote in the Storm before the Calm that the most important question in life is how we see ourselves in the universe. But the problem is people don’t get to that question. The question is, how can more of of us get to consider that question? What could be the catalyst, incentive, inspiration other than major crises either in personal or global experience?

  • mewabe

    The following message might sound kind of cryptic.

    There will be massive, thorough and global destruction, as we have never seen and can’t even imagine, before change comes. It will affect everyone without a single exception. And the change that will come afterward will not be what people think…it will be an evolution alright, but through our entire planet and all life on it moving into a more subtle, less physically dense dimension, a sort of greater and deeper merging of spirit and matter (that’s one way to put it).

    At this point people will no longer need to search for God, as the divine presence will be seen and felt by all throughout the creation. So there will be no need for religion or theology. The veil between the living and the so-called “departed” will also be much thinner, and beings in both dimension will be able to communicate easily, and even see each other.

    This is the path humanity has chosen, a dramatic death and rebirth of sort. The spiritual seeds that are planted today by many will not prevent the destruction in any way…they are meant to help people when change comes, as many will then be spiritually disoriented, not understanding what happened because unprepared…mostly because the change into this clearer and lighter dimension will be extremely sudden, so sudden as to be literally beyond time as we experience it

    This is something I saw psychically in 1994 in an out of body experience…of course I could be totally or partly mistaken…there is no ego involved on my part in this vision, which was given to me by a very evolved entity ( a never physically incarnated entity).
    I relate it as it was given but I am not emotionally or psychologically attached to any of it and would welcome any other great evolutionary path for humanity!

    • My guess is that the vision holds true if the mentality & energy of that time were to continue. But so much has changed since then & so, it could be a lot worse. Yet there is so much awakening going on along side of the old ways of living of which we are unaware since the media does not cover it. Yet who really knows? Visualize the world we desire to see & let that energy be the greater influence we exert of the world.

      • mewabe

        Evolution is inevitable…how we get there is up to all of us, the hard way or the easy way! Sometimes the hard way is the fastest, like climbing a steep hill straight up, rather than following an easier but slower, meandering and curving path. So we can’t judge the path…

        • I like the fast & easy way myself! 😉

          • mewabe

            Sounds like going downhill 🙂

          • It may sound like that, but that’s not my point. As we evolve life gets easier & while we have challenges, we can embrace them.

          • mewabe

            I know…we can actually live in a state of grace…having a kind of magical or enchanted life.
            I have had this kind of so-called “luck” all me life…by following my intuition and listening to that inner guidance. It can be done!

          • I’m very glad to here that!

  • mewabe

    “How is it possible that 8 billion members of a single species could all say they want the same thing — survival, safety, security, peace, prosperity, opportunity, happiness, and love — and be utterly unable to produce it…even after trying for thousands of years?”

    I think that a very simple answer to this question is that too many people believe that their happiness can only come at the price of the misery of another…the predator and prey dynamic, coupled with the idea that there is not enough for everyone, seem to cause everyone to either be on the defensive or the attack, or both, and to view the world as a hostile and merciless battlefield ruled by competition and by the idea of the survival of the fittest (or of the most ruthless, cunning etc).

    • I like to think I’m personally at a place where I no longer need negative consequences to help speed my path or understanding. That doesn’t mean I won’t still get bonked on the head at times, but I work & play to move beyond that game. To outgrow the negative & move into the positive as the majority.

      • mewabe

        That sounds good, and does no longer needing to be bonked on the head as much mean that you no longer have to spend so much money on protective head gear and can spend more money on playing?

        • It should. I work & play, visualize & pray for that end. I realize that I’m on the right track, but I still have plenty of integration to do.

  • C.J. Forbes

    Donald I pick up a lot of negativity in this article , not only in this article but in alot of the articles and clips you post lately. I read CWG book 1 all the time and the author of that book and this article seem like to completely different people. I’m not judging you , it’s just something I noticed., now of course there’s nothing wrong with what choose to focus on & to be honest I have been noticing the same thing lately .Now instead of focusing on the decline of society , can we not instead put our head’s together and come up with a solution. ……here’s my suggestion …we can develop a short course on the main lessons in book 1& these courses must be free to the masses especially the poor and the homeless, start giving copies of book 1 away for free to as many people on this planet as possible ( after all you can only keep what you have by giving it away )& last but most importantly put together a course or learning system of book 1 that can be taught in the schools as part of the sylabbis, starting with kindergarten ……ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS ??

    • Awareness

      Giving away free copies of “Conversations with God” is a GREAT idea 🙂 I suggest this be done worldwide 🙂 There is already free access to “Conversations with God” online including audio access on youtube 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • David

    Going up the mountain, dark fears abound. Neal touched on it, “. . . there is something we have not understood about Who We Are and What We Are . . . ” My Point: When we remember who and what we are, then fear is an opportunity. The fear of this human plane crashing is real. The opportunity for divine love is more than abundantly available to recreate. The fear is I am not enough. Neal touched on it, “. . . there is something we have not understood about Who We Are and What We Are . . . “