A voice in the wilderness

I have been on an extended road trip to Barcelona and to Lisbon, where, in each city, I offered spiritual renewal retreats based on the messages in Conversations with God. So my apologies for not having been here in this space for a bit. I do want to continue — and conclude — the series of articles that I started here some weeks ago, on Seven Steps to Having Your Own Conversation with God.

Please allow me to pick up here where we left off with the last entry.

The fourth stepin having your own Conversation with God is a commitment to wakefulness; an agreement with yourself topay attention to God.

God is all around us, and we are not paying attention.

We may be willing. We may have gone past Step Three. But we are not awake. We are not paying attention.

Often that is because we are looking too hard for what is right in front of our face. We are listening so earnestly that we miss the sound.

God is talking to us in a thousand different ways, across a million moments. But we must pay cultivate what I call Attentive Inattention…or the Unexpected Expectation, or “active passivity.”

This is when you listen by not listening. It is when you look by not looking.

It is when you open your mind’s ear and your mind’s eye to nothing at all, expecting nothing at all, searching for nothing at all, wishing for nothing at all, striving for nothing at all, just “being with” No Thing/Everything.

This is exactly what I do when I am writing. It is exactly how I have produced 27 books.

This Attentive Inattention turns every moment into a meditation. Just let life go by, but watch it out of the “corner of your eye.”

God’s conversations will “sneak up on you.” The lyrics of the next song you hear on the overhead speakers in the food store. The article that jumps off the cover of a two-year-old magazine at the hair salon. The chance utterance of a friend you just happen to meet on the street. The words on the billboard around the next corner.

…or…a fleeting thought that crosses your mind, seemingly out of nowhere.

“Nowhere”…that’s an interesting word. Slice it in half and it comes out to NOW HERE.

God is always NOW HERE.

So I call Step Four: Wakefulness. Don’t sleep walk through life. Stay awake. Watch what’s going on—without looking for something in particular.

Like right now. What do you think is happening right now?

The fifth step is acceptance…or, if you please, non-denial.

We need to call our conversations with God exactly what they are when they occur.

Once we start by setting aside that kind of special time, and begin walking through Life in wakefulness, we will be aware that we are receiving communications from the Divine all the time.

What will happen is that we will suddenly notice them. We will become aware that Life informs Life about life through the process of Life Itself. And we will become a conscious part of that process.

Still, if we’re not careful, we’ll call this something else. We’ll give it a different label or different name for fear of being ridiculed.

We’ll call it “coincidence.” Or “serendipity.” Or “women’s intuition.” Or a “stroke of genius.” Or a “sudden inspiration.” Or, simply…a “good idea.”

We’ll call it everything we can think of except a Conversation with God.

And in denying it for what it is, we will minimize it. And that’s the danger. We won’t give it the importance it deserves because we’ve called it less than it is.

Now there’s another side to this. And it’s kind of ironic, but I have to tell you about it so you don’t fall into the trap.

Step six is discernment. We have to be careful not to become so precious with the experience that we start categorizing everything that happens to us as “a sign.” Or, “God, talking to me!”

In other words, don’t let your imagination run away with you.

Don’t let your mind play tricks on you.

God talks to you through you Soul, not through your mind. And you can learn to tell the difference. This is called discernment.

So if you’re reaching for your car keys and a dollar falls out of your pocket, this may not be a “sign” that you should take all of the money out of your pocket and throw it on the sidewalk.

Be judicious. Give everything the “tummy test.”

Your stomach will know when something is true. Ever notice that? Your tummy knows what the Mind can only wonder about.

The body is more intelligent than we think. Listen to your body. Watch how you feel. If you feel uplifted by something you have noticed out of the “corner of your eye,” pay attention to that.

If you feel downtrodden, or “burdened,” by an incoming communication, it cannot be from God. It must be from your Mind.

…Or…it has been filtered so much BY your Mind that you have lost the purity of the original communication.

Now don’t get me wrong. Your Mind is not your enemy. It is a very important and effective tool, actually. It’s just that it has a job to do.

Your Mind’s job is to ensure your survival. Therefore, it will always look for anything that may seem threatening to you. It will be super-cautious. It will see every possible bad outcome, and warn you about it. No wonder that you will often feel burdened, and not uplifted, by its communications.

And then, irony of ironies, when your Mind sees that you are feeling burdened, it will do whatever it can to guarantee that you get through that “downer” so that you can survive…so it will even give you a temporary “high”—such as a thought or idea that every single thing that is going on is a “sign from God.” If THAT doesn’t make you feel special, nothing will.

So be careful with your Mind. It is always powerful, but not always reliable.

Use discernment. Go to the place that’s thinking about what you’re thinking about. This is Who You Really Are. You are the Observer of That Which Is Being Observed.

You are neither your Body nor your Mind nor your Soul. You are That Which Is All Three.

This is the Totality of Your Being—and this is what you are seeking to experience during your time here on Earth.

And that brings us to Step Seven: Fulfillment.

After you have used your discernment to decide which thoughts, concepts, and ideas really are coming directly from God—as opposed to indirectly thought the many filters of your Mind, your life, and your world—give yourself permission to act on them. Do something about them. Don’t ignore them, or put ‘em on a pile for “later.”

When I was a child there used to be a saying: “Strike while the iron is hot.”

In the process by which something is forged from steel, you have to shape the metal into the desired formation while it is white hot—and therefore pliable enough to turn into anything you want.

When you have a conversation with God, something wants to be forged from steel. So strike while the iron is hot.

Do it. Act on it. Step into it, not away from it.

And do it now, not tomorrow. Not when you “have more time,” or when you “have more money,” or when you have “more” of whatever it is you don’t think you have enough of right now.

Make it your intention to at least begin. All right, maybe you don’t have a particular item, or a particular aspect, perfectly in place. But make it your intention to begin. And then…make it your intention to complete.

Remember that life proceeds out of your intentions for it.

And “completion” is the definition of enlightenment.

Watch how much lighter you feel when you complete anything. 

So intend to begin, and intend to complete, the next step in the process of your own evolution.

And don’t wonder about what it is you should do. Don’t worry about what your next step is, or how to solve your current dilemma, or how to resolve your present issue, or how to solve the prevailing problem.

Say this prayer:

Thank you, God, for helping me to understand that this problem has already been solved for me.

Then listen for God. Ask God whatever you want to ask. Then watch. Wait. Listen for the answer.

Now I want you to know that, with regard to your present question…

…you will be answered.

Indeed, it has been written: “Even before you ask, I will have answered.”

Yet you may not hear the answer in this very moment. You may not be aware of it “right now.”

Not everyone becomes aware of their conversation with God in the same way.

Give yourself time. Have patience with yourself. Have patience with the process. Ultimately, once you deliberately ask a question of God, you will become aware of the answer. It will happen very rapidly, if you stop looking for it, and just let it “come to you.”

Ask, and you will be answered. Knock, and it will be opened unto you.

So let yourself receive the answer in the Fullness of Time.

That could be today, in this way that we are going use right now, or not. Let it all be okay.

And that’s my Seven Step Process to having your own Conversation with God. I hope it has been helpful to you.

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  • Spiritual_Annie

    Isn’t it funny that we’re often willing to spend the time praying, entreating Divinity for answers to our deepest desires, but then don’t pay attention for any answers that don’t fit into the idea of what we want the answer to be? I’ve often found that to be confusing about people. It may well be that we are overlooking the very answer we seek, from the myriad of sources from which it could arise. Wakefulness is very important, as is remembering not to put on blinders with our expectations.

    I wrote in the last column’s comments that a revalation just struck me. My mother sometimes speaks to me, usually when I need a course correction. She also spoke to me during my last suicide attempt, letting me know that it wasn’t my life to take but rather God’s, and that he wouldn’t take it until I completed my purpose. In those instances, it now feels obvious to me that I’m hearing Divinity in a voice that captures my attention and which I will accept. I’ve also learned to listen for Divinity through the living—friends who show up unexpectedly to share some bit of wisdom, songs that inspire a new project, even Biscuit introducing me to someone new on our walks.

    When I used to go to church many years ago, one of the things required to help decide where our ministry work should be was to take the “Spiritual gifts” test. I rated highest in discernment, followed by administration, which is how I ended up on the board. I agree that discernment oftentimes means checking with the rest of who we are, rather than just our minds. Sometimes I feel it in my body, but sometimes the affirmation comes from my Soul. My body has strong reactions, especially in my digestive system—butterflies or excited churnings when I hear something to follow through on, feeling queasy or nauseous when I’m being misled, even outright diarrhea when something comes from negativity or darkness. The Soul feeling is harder to describe. I often call it having my Soul “sing” because of the affect music has on me that’s similar.

    I have to say, there’s been nothing more joyous than those things I’ve worked towards that I feel called to do, and the ecstatic glow when I complete them. In my opinion, there’s no greater feeling. I walk on air, my mood is light, I feel gratitude for having been led to it, and I exude love after completing it. People have told me that I’m easily read at those times, when most times I’m not.

    Even when my best friend passed over last August, I felt completion because I had felt called to be there for her through the incredible challenges she faced in healing and the pushback from her family to not change. By the time she passed, she had finished with her intensive therapy, healed old wounds, drew lines with her family, and found herself. She was complete, and I felt I was complete in my calling. It’s one of the things that made her passing easier for me.

    These seven steps make sense to me, and I think I’ve sometimes (certainly not always, before CWG) followed them instinctually, though I couldn’t have found the words to say so. Thank you, Neale, for making them concrete, and for once again affirming so much of what I believe.

    Love and Blessings Always,

    • Jethro

      Have you visited CWGconnect?

      • Spiritual_Annie

        I visited it before the launch of the new site. I’ve been a member there for years. I haven’t been there for at least a couple of weeks, though. Thanks for the reminder that I need to check back in!

        Love and Blessings Always,

        • Jethro

          It’s worthwhile reading. I like it. Very organized.

  • Thank you Neale! Great reminder as always.

    Speaking of the blog subject:

    So today I wake uP with the song going through my head “There’s the sunshine” I look it up & it’s the 5th Dimension song “Aquarius/let The Sunshine In.” As I look up the lyrics I can see it’s very hippie new age spiritual, astrological, pointing to the now & future.

    The last half is “Let the Sunshine In.” Which is what was going through my head as I was waking. It’s a simple message but a great one to hold on to & integrate. Sometimes I look up lyrics to songs going on in my head as I awake & they don’t have any real meaning that I can catch. But today, it was obvious & I like obvious. Oh ya, the forecast for today is sunny & 76 degrees.

    Coming back from New Orleans, I saw a book at the airport with the title “Invisible Influence” and couldn’t resist. I’m now reading what looks like a most fascinating book on a fascinating science of human behavior.

    Now I’ve come across another form of talking to your inner self your soul or what ever feels right for you to call it. It’s becoming lucid and awake in your dreams & asking not the dream figures for answers, but simply ask the dream itself. That is, there is an awareness behind the dream, that will speak out directly or show you a new dream sequence in answer to your inquiry.

    I got this from a book by Robert Waggonner called “Lucid Dreaming Gateway to the Inner Self” It seems lucid dreaming is a technique to discover & experience things imagined & unimaginable. It may if used in this way be one of the more important spiritual discoveries at our disposable.

    • Spiritual_Annie

      I LOVE that song! It always picks me up. I can remember hearing it as a kid when my sister would play her 45’s. And they played it as inspiration in Evolutionary Church two weeks ago as a reminder that we’re in the position to fulfill the hippie dreams of world Peace and Love.

      I’m looking into lucid dreaming on the internet. Now I have a title to reference, though I probably can’t buy the book.

      Please let us know what you think of it when you’re finished reading it.

      Love and Blessings Always,

      • Yes, re-reading the song lyrics made me smile at the hope & optimism of that song.

        I highly recommend the book. It’s more about his journey’s and other advanced lucid dreamers exploring all kinds of aspects of lucid dreaming.
        Like talking to the dream itself, deceased people, precognition dreams using lucid dreaming, talking to dream figures. Some are simply thought forms, others seem to have their own awareness apart from being normal dream figures. All kinds of experiments he & others have done. It’s all fascinating.

        The group the world of lucid dreaming founded by Rebecca Turner is a place to get the how to methods. Plus a free 10 day series on how to lucid dream which I took.

        This exploration along with CwG material will be a fascinating and most likely an illuminating journey. Lucid dreaming is a learned skill & usually takes a while. It’s not for quitters.

        Good luck.

      • Kristen

        Hi Annie…in case no one pointed it out to you as requested to, in his post above Patrick asked someone to tell you he offers you an olive branch (isnt that from the bible he doesnt believe in?), and will do his ‘level’ best to avoid attacking you if you will rejoin the conversation. Mmmmmmmm!!!!
        Take care Annie,

        • Spiritual_Annie


          No, nobody had yet shared that with me, so thank you. I’m going to have to do a little thinking, praying and meditating about it. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to dive back in, even though I know I’m missing chunks of the conversations.

          ***Patrick, I do acknowledge the olive branch and I appreciate it. I have a lot going on at home right now, and as I’m sure you’ve read above, I’m going to mull it over for a bit. I’m pretty sure that I’ll unblock your posts at some point, probably sooner rather than later. When I do, I’ll make sure I reply to one of your posts to let you know.***

          Love and Blessings Always,

          • Kristen

            Hi Annie,
            I didnt think anyone had mentioned it.
            Hope you havnt fallen through your bathroom floor yet…I nearly did a couple of years ago, toilet and all. A slow leak had rotted the floor, I didnt even click when the tiles cracked. Thank goodness son is a builder. It would have been hilarious though if I hadnt lept up, me on the toilet falling through the ceiling landing in the downstairs toilet! No wonder it stunk downstairs, the ceiling was rotten but disguised by the ghastly 80s textured glittery crap sprayed on. Probably asbestos sprayed on slowly killing us! Butt ugly, but hey, the world might turn crazier and it may come back in fashion, it can stay there!
            Hope the home improvements go well…houses eat cash like the bills monsters. Grrrr, they never stop eating as you well know now!!
            Take care,

          • Spiritual_Annie

            Hey, Kirsten,

            I’m not sure you would have enjoyed the ride on your toilet—or, rather, the landing. No, I haven’t yet fallen through the bathroom floor yet. The softest spot’s right by the tub and wall, so easily avoided.

            I did fall in the wee hours this morning, though. It’s not entirely unusual for me to fall—actually, it’s unusual for me to have gone so long without. I fell in the hallway, so I was lucky to not have hit my head on the way down, it’s so narrow.

            But, I landed on my foot. Either I bruised the tendon or maybe fractured the long bone on the outside, right up by the toe. I’ve broken it before. Nothing they can do except for a moon boot and crutches, neither of which I’m willing to do as they aggravate my back. I’ve already done the ice and elevation bit. I’ll limp around on it. If it gets worse, I’ll see my doc.

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Kristen

            Oh no Annie, thats not cool! Wear UGG boots, supportive and far cooler than a moon boot. Moon boots are the epitome of uncool! Clearly Im dedperate to hold onto the last remnants of youth…coolness! If I ever had any!
            Hope it heals ok, and preferably a fracture rather than tendon, much faster healing! How frustrating, back problems must be a nightmare, poor girl.

  • Patrick Gannon

    This is a mix of great advice, wrapped in woo.

    Yes, it makes sense to pay attention – but no gods are necessary to do this. Exchange the word “life” for “god” and it makes more sense. “Life is all around us, and we are not paying attention.” Why add the “woo” of God? All it does is complicate things. We know what life is – a process. We have no evidence for gods. Why complicate the message, by adding a parameter for which there is no evidence, and which itself needs to be explained before you can really move on?

    Neale talks about what he does when he is writing. So do I. Often I start with a thought, but it’s quite possible to open one’s mind and let the words just flow, then check to see what you’ve actually written when you’re finished. That doesn’t happen to me here so much because I’m actively thinking in order to respond, but when I’m writing about new ideas, the words sometimes just come out of my fingers and I feel like I don’t know what they are going to be until they show up on the screen. It’s called a “flow” state. It’s tapping into the neural network in our brains and retrieving stuff more effortlessly because we’ve bypassed part of the brain. It’s not magic. No gods are required.

    I struggle a bit with his description of this state as “wakefulness,” but if it’s thought of as a narrowly focused wakefulness, in which all else fades into the background, then I guess that word fits; but I would prefer to refer to it as an altered state of consciousness.

    Step five is nonsense to me. I certainly don’t accept imaginary, invisible beings that live in the sky or any other definition of a personal god, or deity. That in no way impedes on my ability to enter flow states or to notice things about life, to have inspiration and to think outside the box. And there is a great deal of coincidence, or intuition, or stroke of genius, or serendipity. These things happen, at about the statistical rate that would be expected; and they happen to people who do and don’t believe in gods. The next step down that path is foolish superstition. No belief in gods is necessary for the rest of the good advice in this article to apply.

    You can’t communicate with something imaginary, except in your own mind. A conversation with god, as I think Neale understands it, implies that the laws of physics are all wrong and have never yielded a truly accurate experimental result. Immaterial gods and souls have no effect on the material in our natural world, or we would know about it by now. It seems to me that this step is about dumbing ourselves down. Denigrating science. Accepting the simple answer, rather than seeking out real causes, real reasons. Instead of having the courage to seek answers, take the easy route, and say it must be god. I’ll pass. If some people didn’t have the temerity to question the “god did it” answer and actually seek out the answers, we’d still be sitting around campfires picking off ticks.

    Once you introduce the idea of imaginary, invisible beings that live in the sky, discernment becomes a real challenge. The primary meaning of discernment is “the ability to judge well.” If we are truly using discernment, then we should insist on compelling, objective evidence. That is discernment. How can you judge well, without it? The “tummy test” is not the best approach. We are often told to “go with your gut” but the gut is based on the System 1, reptilian brain. It does not exercise discernment. This is why quite often when we do truly idiotic things after going with our gut, we realize later when System 2, the thinking system that is actually based on discernment kicks in, just how dumb we were, and we can’t imagine how in the heck we said or did some really stupid thing. I recommend that you google: “HBR Don’t Trust Your Gut.” We certainly don’t want to ignore our instincts, but ancient reptilian instincts don’t always make the best choices for our modern world!

    Neale’s discussion of the mind is out of date. The “mind” he is apparently referring to is our reptilian brain, our System 1 thinking. This brain’s job is to ensure our survival, and millions of years of evolution indicate that it has done so rather successfully. What he fails to point out, or to be aware of, perhaps, is that we also have a distinct System 2 that uses different parts of the brain than System 1. It’s job is to be skeptical, to inquire, to discern, to probe, to fact check. It is what separates us from other species on this planet. It appears to have evolved rather quickly – probably as a result of learning to talk – according to some experts.

    Now, I don’t get the feeling that Neale thinks System 2 is the soul, but I never understood the soul to begin with. All I know is that it is the one with the agenda, and the mind and body are placed in indentured servitude and taken along for the ride. We’re supposed to be the product of all three – but when we die, at least two of those parts – the ones based on the particles of this natural world, the body and mind – are staying behind, so who cares about the soul and its agenda?

    Fulfillment – mostly good advice – no gods required. This is an article with a lot of good advice in it, just as the bible and the Qur’an have lots of good advice in them too. The woo part is not necessary, and only complicates things by requiring the brain to believe things for which it has no evidence. How can that be good for us?

    • Sam

      “Often I start with a thought, but it’s quite possible to open one’s mind and let the words just flow, then check to see what you’ve actually written when you’re finished. That doesn’t happen to me here so much because I’m actively thinking in order to respond, but when I’m writing about new ideas, the words sometimes just come out of my fingers and I feel like I don’t know what they are going to be until they show up on the screen.”

      As I’ve never experienced anything of the sort, how you describe it, I would say someone else is writing for you; through you. Not at any time have I ever written something down I didn’t think of first.

      • Kristen

        Hi. Not at any time have I ever written anything down that Ive thought of first..nothing ever channelled, but my thoughts are spontanious, brain and mind straight to the mouth and hand without a process in between. Its called ‘fish’ thinking, when you bypass the thinking process, or even the need to process when you read, even when asked questions.
        That could be what Patrick refers to, its common in about 20% of people that I read somewhere, I think the book was called the Da Vinci gene, before that I heard it referred to the Jesus gene as he could spit answers out like a machine without having to think apparently.

        Passing through to see if any new people pop up when presumably the thread stays on topic….nope. Are you all back to normal now?

        • Sam

          “Not at any time have I ever written anything down that Ive thought of first.”

          Well, now you go to the other extreme 🙂 Sure you have. And it’s not like I don’t let things flow, being spontaneous, making superb connections, and inspiration coming faster than I can type. For sure I bypass the thinking process. But there is never any “blackout”, how Patrick describes it. I very much see what’s coming before I have it in writing, and therefore always know what I’ve been putting down.
          What Patrick describes is classic channeling. Quote: “then check to see what you’ve actually written when you’re finished”. End of quote. And it’s not like there is something wrong to this. So, just go with it 🙂

          “Are you all back to normal now?”

          Haha, I am never back to normal, I evolve 😉

          • Patrick Gannon

            To clarify, I did not intend to insinuate that I experience “blackout,” and of course I never used that word. It’s just a “feeling” when one is in that flow. I’m obviously conscious, typing, observing, and my System 2 thinking system is aware enough to back me up for typos and to change grammar as I go. There is no “channeling,” as though the content were coming from another person or entity. It feels nothing like that at all. I’m pulling the content out of myself – firing neural pathways and generating thoughts that my brain turns to words that flow out of my fingertips. It’s all electrochemical reactions from beginning to end.

            Although it feels like the content is flowing out of my fingers, when I finish and review what I’ve written, my thoughts, ideas, words, experiences, knowledge, education, etc. are all represented; just as Neale’s are. He studied western and eastern religions. He admits nothing he says is new. Anyone who has read Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” as I’m almost positive he has, will find a great many of the ideas that end up in his book, albeit expressed in Neale’s own Enhanced Vocabulary word memes. He, perhaps, gets into a similar flow state and lets his consciousness boil forth into his books. Nothing came from outside his brain, or the core theory of physics is wrong, and I trust that a lot more than I trust Neale, given his total lack of evidence for his god. I suspect that many authors have similar experiences – they just don’t credit imaginary, invisible beings for them.

            Coincidentally, I just saw a clip from an author who addresses writer’s block, and I have been using the technique he recommends for a long time: Just start typing. I imagine this is true for artists as well – if you’re stuck for inspiration, just start painting and see what happens. Have another canvas ready if inspiration hits. If I don’t quite know what I think about a subject, or what position to take, or how best to represent my views, or whatever, I just start typing, and if I can get into that zone, then the words will start to flow. When I’m finished, my thoughts feel more organized. I generally have to re-write the first part, as I morphed from indecision to a clear path. Nobody is taking over my brain. I don’t blackout. I am conscious of who I am during the process. It’s all a product of the brain – not something outside ourselves.

            The processes or ideas that Neale recommends are often valid – but gods are not required to put them into effect. He is mistaking the brain for a god – at least until he provides some evidence that this god exists. Remember he put his confidence in doctors, not in the so called law of attraction or any other silliness, when it came to his own heart surgery.

            I question Neale’s sad story. It’s such a common theme in literature, with the poor, suffering hero overcoming his difficulties, either by pulling himself up by his/her own bootstraps, or with help from someone else. It’s a little unusual, except in religious literature – which his books are – that the help comes from an imaginary, invisible being that lives in the sky. I certainly don’t buy that -as it violates all the laws of physics, and there is absolutely no compelling objective evidence for any gods. If any of those sufferings actually happened, and weren’t just literary amendments, then Neale overcame them himself by writing a New Age religious book and starting a New Age business that has surely allowed him to live a comfortable life.

          • Sam

            Aha, you don’t agree with “blackout” and channeling, in between a ton of irrelevant information. What a surprise 🙂 But I have you “on tape”, what you first said, and in my book, the conclusion stands.

          • NealeDonaldWalsch

            @Patrick Gannon:
            You know what, Patrick? I like you. I really do. Sometimes you are a bit snarky and once in a while you throw verbal brickbats, but I observe that we all have done such now and then in our lives, so I can handle that in you, just as I seek to handle it in me.

            That said, I love your mind and your ability to analyze my offerings and organize your own thoughts, then synthesize the two into a very coherent discussion. Bravo. Nice work. When we all stay civil, we all stay friends. And when we all stay friends, we all stay within hearing range of each other. We don’t shut or shout each other out. I like that. Humans have a lot to gain from fellowship with each other — all of us on this planet — our differing ideas notwithstanding. Indeed, our differing ideas producing that gain.

            One comment you made here just now caught my notice. You said that you question what you called my “sad story.” I’m not sure what it is you question, but I hope that you are not questioning my integrity regarding whether my “story” is real. I assure you that it is. But I’d like to offer here that I no longer consider the things that have happened in my life “sad.”

            I see now that my having suffered a broken neck in a car accident, my having then lost everything I had due to inability to work and my government assistance having run out and the insurance taking a full two years to litigate and finally offer a payout, and then, on top of it all, my having my car stolen!… my year of living at a campground without a home as a “street person”, my having found weekend work (finally!) at a local radio station, only to have that station then go bankrupt, and even my latest “drama” of just this past year of open-heart surgery for a quintuple bypass…are all perfectly placed (and, by the way, easily provable) events in my life that have led me to where I am today in my mind: a place of sincere gratitude for everything that occurred, exactly the way it occurred, for these were maturing events (as you can imagine) that changed my entire experience and understanding of life.

            As for “writing a New Age religious book,” you should know that I never set out to do that. My writing began as a very private journaling process…a personal diary of sorts, recording a very private (and what I came to consider sacred) experience that I was having — that it never occurred to me anyone in the world would ever have any reason to know about.

            The story of how this personal experience became a book is well known, as I have shared it in lecture after lecture for 25 years now. My inner dialogue offered up a statement one day that I jumped all over. It said, “This will one day become a book.” I thought, “Aha! Now that is an outcome I can measure!” Everything else that I was “receiving” in this private process was conceptual, theoretical in nature. As you, yourself, have so often pointed out, it could not be proven. But here was a statement that could be “put to the test” of Real World Results. Either the message I was receiving would become a book or it wouldn’t.

            Of course I knew there wasn’t a chance in the world that any publisher was going to look at the middle-of-the-night mental meanderings of a totally unheard of, unpublished person, shout to his staff: “Stop the presses! We’ve got to get this book out at once! This man is talking to God!”, and publish it…not even as a piece of fiction, but as a non-fiction book. So I had my handwritten dialogue keyboarded, then sent them to a handful of publishers, and did so as a “dare” to God. “Oh, yeah?” I felt myself saying. “We’ll see about that. Prove it!”

            Several million copies later, I consider the statement, and its Source, proven to my satisfaction. (…Yes, I know. Go ahead and snip at me for capitalizing the word “Source”. ;o). There are some words that I want those who read my writing to consider More Important than others, so I use this convention, to your obvious dislike, if not dismay.)

            Now the thing about all this, Patrick — as you know, from having read my writings — is that I readily acknowledge that I could be wrong about all of it…and further, that I don’t need anyone to believe anything I have written…least of all, my assertion that it is the result of an actual conversation with God. It is totally okay with me that many people (perhaps most) question, doubt, and even ridicule the whole notion — and the premise of the existence of a god upon which it rests.

            I will acknowledge that I am saddened, however, if and when my personal integrity or my motives are questioned. I did not set out to write a book, and I only sent my scribblings to a publisher to “see what would happen.” And I have continued to write and to publish, (and then to offer public talks and extended opportunities for people to explore the material in person and in-depth) not to start a “New Age business”, but because I have been urged, invited, and requested to continue sharing this material by people all over the world who have been touched in a positive way by the messages that have been offered in the dialogues.

            You are correct in your statement about me that these developments have “surely allowed him to live a comfortable life” — but I do not see that this should somehow invalidate the messages I have been given. Indeed, it would seem in some minds to do exactly the opposite.

            Again, all of that having been said, I admire and appreciate that you hold and express your thoughts, ideas and understandings regarding God with a passion and a willingness to articulate them that matches my own. I think it is wonderful that through the expression of varying points of view, people everywhere are given additional tools with which to reach their own conclusions about a topic that has surely touched every life at one time or another in one way or another.

            I wish I had the time to engage in continuing and ongoing two-person dialogue here at this website, but that discussion could last forever, and could potentially devolve into trying to “win” an argument, rather than simply having a discussion. So, moving forward, I will allow my published books and writings (such as my blog above) to speak for themselves on this topic of God. I jumped in here today, Patrick, because, as I said, when I stopped by to see how the commentary here was going, I saw your statement about questioning my “sad story,” and felt that a personal response might be useful to all who come here.

            As well, I have been saddened in the past by the once-in-a-while verbal attacks on you from others for simply expressing — quite eloquently, I again observe — your point of view in contrast to mine. And I have been saddened, as well, in noticing that it seems you sometimes bring this on yourself by what may appear to others to be a slightly mean-spirited salvo, as you are not always as careful with the nuance of your writings as you might be.

            So I encourage everyone here to joyfully and enjoyingly (Is that a work? It should be!) use this space for the purpose for which it was created: to indeed have a global conversation about all the ideas we all have about all the really important things in life — not the least of which is our varying beliefs and understandings regarding a higher power and a supreme being.

            Blessings to you all.


          • Patrick Gannon

            Thank you for that detailed response, Neale. I appreciate it. I agree with your point about staying civil, and unless I’m personally insulted, I try to do so. And yeah, I can be a bit snarky – but on rare occasions, so can you! LOL

            Yes, I did develop skepticism about whether your story might be real or manufactured. As I pointed out, it is a very common theme for the suffering hero to overcome his challenges and rise above them. I also tried searching to find evidence of some of the things you’ve mentioned, but that is not so easy as you suggest. Your medical records, of course, would not be available to me for example, and I doubt it would be easy to access stolen car reports from the mid-90s. I’m inclined to think that you are telling the truth, but there’s nothing wrong with skepticism and asking for evidence, particularly when large sums of money are involved as a result of claims that have no evidence – like your god!

            I will also admit that I did this on purpose, to illustrate that it’s OK, and indeed mandatory that we question so-called religious or spiritual leaders. This point, which I make in Catholic blogs, is far more important in that authoritarian organization, but the point is still a valid one. Anyone who claims to have communed with a god, should be held to the absolute highest level of credibility, because it’s such an outrageous and unlikely claim. I should probably also admit still being just a little upset with your contention several months ago, that I and other atheist/agnostics are “damaging” because we don’t “believe.” You even compared us with people who discriminate against gays and similar groups when the atheist community is very much in the lead when it comes to human rights. Religion had to be overcome in order to overcome biblical morality and face down slavery, genocide, sexism, racism, homophobia, discrimination against the disabled, murder of innocents, etc. all very well documented in the Abrahamic religions, so atheist/agnostics deserve a great deal of the credit for many of the human rights advances in the past century.

            I have to take issue with the suggestion that the thought, ““This will one day become a book.”,” coming to fruition, in any way proves the existence of your god. We all give ourselves goals. I very much admire that you came through on yours; but I don’t give credit for that to anyone or anything but you. Indeed assuming your described challenges were true, they may well have been the impetus for you to make sure your success happened. I recall being very laissez faire about a new technical sales job I had. It seemed like it was going to be hard selling against a larger, better established competitor. The regional manager for the much larger company that I was competing with, flew into town to interview me. I played a little hard to get (he could have had me easily) and he told me that if I did not come on board, that they would drive me out of my territory, and see to it that I failed and lost every major opportunity. Well that slap in the face with a glove was all I needed, and I ended up being far more successful than I might have otherwise been without the challenge. That guy ended up firing one of the sales reps he hired when we beat them in a very large and visible project. With the help of my System Engineer, we kicked their butts. Gods had nothing to do with that success. Indeed, I may have mouthed the very same words: “”Oh, yeah?” I felt myself saying. “We’ll see about that. Prove it!””

            The number of books you’ve sold, means to me that there are a lot of people willing to believe in imaginary invisible beings, but then we already know that. The bible is supposed to be the most sold book in the world (though I question how many actually read the whole thing), and it is based on a god whose foundation has been completely debunked. That people are willing to believe in things that they have no evidence for is not a good thing – it’s the problem. As I’ve mentioned here before, you, like every other person who claims revelation, suggest that people need to change their beliefs to what you believe. Of course you can say that you don’t need people to believe you, but that doesn’t stop you from trying, right?

            Nobody ever stops to consider whether it is the unsupported beliefs themselves that might be the problem with our society. Telling our brains to believe things we don’t have evidence for, is essentially lying to ourselves, and I don’t see how that can be good for us at this stage of our cultural and societal development. We need to face the fact that we are on our own and we had better figure out how to work together without expecting some Sky Daddy to fix things or offer a second chance when we die.

            I do have a very direct style and don’t waste a lot of time pussy-footing around. I think of it as giving what I get, but your point is well taken. At least I don’t refer to you as I do on the Catholic forum to clergy as “unnatural, disordered, celibate virgins dressed in robes, who voluntarily remove themselves from the human gene pool, and for which we thank them.” I always tell them that I will drop the “disordered” part when they stop referring to LGBTs with that term. My problem with them is that they prey on the weak and ignorant, (or helpless in the case of the young children they psychologically abuse with indoctrination) through the use of shame, guilt and fear. You, of course have no use for those tools, and I applaud you for that. My problem here, is that you are taking advantage of our overwhelming scientific illiteracy, and perhaps some people who may have psychological issues that are not dealt with properly because they may be hiding from themselves with help from your (imaginary) god.

            What does it say when a New Age author can sell books about a subject for which absolutely no compelling, objective evidence exists, and outsell just about every science book on the market? In America, at least, it says we have been dumbed way down, and that’s not good for our country. A large percentage of the PhDs in this country go to foreigners who take their skills back home with them, and if we don’t get back on track, we could lose our edge.

            We both want the same thing – peace on earth, but I don’t think unsupported beliefs are the way to get there, so I guess this discussion will continue. Hopefully your words will encourage people to stick to the topic and try to avoid personalities.

          • Sam

            One has to admit, Neale, that Patrick is exceptionally clean-cut and clear in his wording. Which also is somewhat ironic, as being an indication for God talking, according to CWG. And then we have the speed of it. Patrick wrote this long and flawless piece in just one hour. Much faster than you, or anybody. Quite extraordinary. All in the fingertips 🙂

          • Kristen

            So he’s still a computer program huh?

          • Sam

            Yeah, one computer in each of his fingers, lol. Na, but channeling, how he explains it himself, seems plausible.

          • Kristen

            I know, but thats thinking as you. Patrick is thinking as Patrick, we arent Patrick who doubts the credibility of anyone elses experiences and truths to them.
            I believe him, just as I do anyones truths even if they word it it a way possibly open to misinterpretation. If he says its not channelled, then its not. People know the difference, just as they would know automatic writing.
            I dont doubt anyones experiences if they are someone that has credibility, and for all his faults (he’ll read this!!), when it comes to defining his own experience Patrick has complete credibility.

          • Sam

            Very good. You’ve now explained to yourself why you have to respect that Neale actually been talking to God, when he says so, and stop your shouting of it being otherwise. This is great progress, Kristen. “Applause” 🙂

          • Kristen

            Erm….Ive never disputed that Neale communicates with his God, the God of the Afterlife where reincarnation is based, discussed in in depth in early books that this is a reincarnation path Neale chose. Although you and others in here over the years have said thats its a group of aliens chanelling to him.
            I just point out that its a different God to the scripture God, as I think book 4 states when he says “I am a new God”, backed up with Y’shua/Jesus stating that the God of scripture is a God of the living not the dead. And its prophecised about.
            Thats all, I dont dispute Neales communication with his God, just the clear implications on both parts that its the same God as scriptures.
            Take care,

          • Sam

            Yeah, that’s all, and always in the nicest of language too 😉 Well, doing better anyway 🙂
            In search of truth, who cares about what God, book, or scripture? The question at hand, what makes sense, it’s all that matters.

          • Sam

            Well, to recap on Patrick. For me, who I am, I know for a fact I’ve been talking with at least two different individuals. However, those high waves of speculations, how this could be, I easily could be without, as being just and only that; speculations. But the facts reminds, and will never change. Of which I yet again can elaborate on with examples and in-depth explanations. If you want me to 🙂
            Btw. What do you reckon, Kristen, does Patrick have a girlfriend? Regarding complete credibility, I guess you must submit to this as well 🙂

          • Kristen

            Talk to Patrick….you’re funny. Im just a random stranger talking to random strangers sometimes reading chats with with other people.
            This is a public forum, Patrick said he had a bbq and cleaned his girlfriends car at some point. Other than that, its not my business, Im not curious about him or anyone. But if I was, I would just ask them.
            Why ask that…are you morphing into the red head girl Sam from Roger Rabbit as he mentioned weeks ago, tjen asking him on a fun date? Remember he offered you ten grand to visit him?!
            I personally dont care whom Im speaking to, this is the internet. I choose to be honest, but I watch the tv show Catfish sometimes so Im aware people may be actors or not how they may present themselves, it doesnt bother me personally, they’ll have their agendas, screwed up or sad reasons for doing it.
            Would it bother you or anyone if you found out I was a huge nigerian conartist and every word I said was a lie? Obviously Im not…but thats part of the internet, every person is the unknown.
            I dont read what Patrick says, Ive told him I find him insanely boring but can see what you mean. But it doesnt really matter what people say…the truth is the truth, the only way to change that cold hard fact is to change the truth. People can believe lies, be in denial, seek the truth, or know the truth…but thats something only they can control.
            But do agree, there is or was something odd going on here, but I could only ‘feel’ something would happen….which was the infamous Sam incident. Did you watch that movie Triangle that kind of explains website ‘backgrounds’, and what happened in here.
            Take care,

          • Sam

            Oh, don’t think I am new to this either. And exactly like you, I don’t care who is who, just people anyway, right? Well, Patrick “the machine” Gannon is the only exception. He may change his ways, though, and I let it fly. As he has already done, somewhat. Like, where the hell is “jovial-joe”? Gone. Those other styles I pointed out? Gone. And all those insanely long posts? Well, I think they’re getting fewer and shorter as well, for now. And maybe I had something to do with it. Patrick isn’t here for the sharing or to debate, but to bulldozing people over. But, he may change his ways, for his own good.
            Yes, my infamous incident indeed 🙂 I thought you weren’t that far being either, at the moment. And look at you now 🙂 But maybe you’ve been racing around just like it before, and therefore didn’t find it sensational. For me, it was just that, and out of this world. Something I can’t explain within the norm. A moment of those of disbelief, still shaking my head, even laugh a little, thinking: did that really happen. Still, from how I see things, I must have allowed it at some level, for some reason, and then to be turned around to something positive. Many new discoveries for sure, and in general even to the point of gratefulness for the many “missteps” we do 🙂
            The movie Triangle. No, haven’t seen it. I think I will now 🙂 Funny though, how I never have any really great movie moments anymore, like those burned to my mind in my younger years, very much exactly those Annie speak of. I really miss that. What happened? 🙂

          • Jethro

            You cannot express any part of yourself that you are not. Anger is always just an emotion away. You, as I have, will either learn to recognize it and decide that your expression is not a part of who you wish to express or you will lash out again… in the same manner.

            Should we allow people to just be who they are and learn to accept that, or lash out at them for not meeting our expectations. There is something to learn from each and every person here, something to learn from each and every post, something to learn from even ourselves. Each of us are humans being human. expressing ourselves in the best manner we know, even if we recognize at some point that something wasn’t our best. It was the best in that moment.

          • Sam

            “You cannot express any part of yourself that you are not. Anger is always just an emotion away. You, as I have, will either learn to recognize it and decide that your expression is not a part of who you wish to express or you will lash out again… in the same manner.”

            Well, this is somewhat funny. I am on Patrick’s case for his behavior. Then you are on my case for my behavior regarding Patrick’s behavior. Which again means I am on your case for your behavior towards me 🙂

            But ok, Jethro, your two cents as well into the mix of events, hopefully turning things for the better. But watch it with those lashing out condemnations, damn 😉

          • Jethro

            I am not condemning you or lashing out at you in any way, nor do I intend to be “on your case”. I don’t understand why you find so much negativity in my posts to you.

            You stated that, “For me, it was just that, and out of this world. Something I can’t explain within the norm. A moment of those of disbelief, still shaking my head, even laugh a little, thinking: did that really happen.”…. I to have had moments in which I thought to myself, “wow! That wasn’t me!”. I was just offering my thoughts about it. Your beef with Patrick is between you and Patrick, He’s a big boy and can handle himself without me.

          • Sam

            Oh, I see. Thank you for clarifying. And yes, in that regard, food for thought, it’s very well put, and indeed true. I like it 🙂

          • Kristen

            Yes Dad!

          • Kristen

            Nope…I was normal, just crazy busy so in a crazy busy mood. Life has calmed right down now, and its boring cold wet winter. Im seasonal, my energy matches the weather or energy around me, which right now is boring and overcast. When its stormy I get chatty and a bit hyper. Plus if online too much wifi makes me hyper.
            I did find the incident shocking, remember I was the one that reacted, but realised fast that it wasnt ‘you’ and moved on after a few hours, trying to just chat to you and bring you back to you. But I have heard of it before, and the seen the aftermath if people cant get out fast, and thats scary. You got out, thank God.
            Triangle is one of the few movies that did my head in! So I just watch anything, movies are generally like the radio, nice to have on, but rarely good enough to absorb properly, same as books. Its called getting old I think, the standards get higher and higher, that no one can meet. Although can’t beat the finale in Pitch Perfect 2. Haha.

          • Sam

            Aha, you are seasonal as well. Me too. Here I live, it’s high summer, and for concentration, the moment the sun sets, it’s way better. Authors preferring the night I get. Summer is fast steps on the surface, less deep, more playful and carefree. I am not sure we are supposed to do anything serious during high summer. Well, I guess tricking us into making babies is serious enough 🙂
            Yes, getting old. Higher standard. Also the first signs of “satisfied with days”, maybe. Been there, done that. We get more reflected with age, finding other things more meaningful and satisfying. I reckon. Well, that sounds boring. I’m getting “satisfied with days” right now, lol
            Hey, that was one hell of a piece you had on the new column. Oh, and never mind my wording, no “hell” about it at all. Quite the contrary. I loved it. Maybe I don’t agree with it all, but all in all true and uplifting. Way to go 🙂

          • Kristen

            Haha….dont worry, Im not a computer, nor bi polar. As a Kabbalah teacher, Im writing stuff at the moment, so my mind is in teaching mode! Sitting up writing into the wee hours when the world is asleep, although somehow I cant keep it serious for long, a song slips in, then comedy as I relax after concentrating! No surprises there. Although the papers Im doing at the moment are on public speaking and speeches, damn I can write amazing speeches..that no one would ever read, especially me! Speech writing is probably my ‘thing’, but I have to make people be still, listen, laugh and cry
            within ten minutes, they have to understand the emotions behind words!
            Or….Im just being mean!
            I get less reflective as I get older, I find ‘I get it’ so no need to stop and smell the roses, Ive smelt enough for a lifetime. Id rather walk past the roses, grab a cood coffee and listen to music. And rather people watch than meditate or reflect, live in memories than reflect on them, play in the ocean or read a fashion mag than sit in quiet comtemplation looking like a deep moron at the beach.
            Maybe Im really really really old…time to learn to knit maybe, or build a model Victorian dollhouse. Maybe even listen to talkback radio. God help me! Haha.

            Take care Sam I Am,

          • Sam

            “the atheist community is very much in the lead when it comes to human rights.”

            Very politically correct. Let’s go over the list. Check, check, check. Yes, top score and jackpot! But you don’t have a heart, Patrick. All you have is words. Oh, too harsh? Don’t worry, Patrick is a big boy 🙂

          • Spiritual_Annie

            Thank you, Neale, for sharing your story once again for those who either had not yet heard it or needed reminding. I agree that it’s our biggest challenges that bring to us our greatest growth—mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. I know my own have, as well.

            While I agree that Patrick is often logical in his arguments, he is also more than just “snarky” (such as his use of the word “woo” to be dismissive). He does often make statements from a position of such righteousness that they are personally demeaning of an individual’s personal experiences. He regularly calls you a charlatan and a con man, which I see as attacks about your motivation. If I point out any of that, however, I’m attacked myself.

            I believe in open discourse as well, up to a point. I don’t believe that ongoing dismissiveness and personal attacks should be encouraged as it reinforces the behavior. Any response to such a post (I’m not referencing yours to Patrick here) is an encouragement for the behavior to continue. I have, therefore, blocked Patrick’s posts.

            I realize this means I miss out on avenues of science of which I’m unaware, and therefore opportunities to learn, but I can get that information elsewhere simply by reading articles about new advancements in science, and actually get a more well-rounded view.

            Again, thank you for your response and your making it clear that it’s your hardships that have helped you grow and mature.

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Patrick Gannon

            It’s my understanding that CwG suggests that we can only be offended if we allow that, or any other emotion, to control us. We are all responsible for our own emotions. Saying, “you made me angry” is to deny that one is responsible for their own emotions, and we can only get angry, in this example, if we allow ourselves to do so. When it turns to personal insults, I don’t get angry, I just stop responding; or if I do get angry, I work to recognize that this is my problem to deal with, and cutting off the discussion seems like the best approach; but I don’t block others. I want to see the discussion, and participate if it’s meaningful.

            Actually I struggled with the word “woo” in my post above, but just couldn’t come up with a better word that said exactly what I wanted to say. It’s an article full of excellent advice, but it’s all wrapped up in woo. What would be a better way to say that? Sure it’s snarky, or is that Snarky (LOL), but Neale is a big boy and has surely heard far worse from fundagelicals than he’s ever heard from me. Annie is cutting off her nose to spite her face – missing out on interesting discussions.

            Somebody tell Annie, that I hold out an olive branch, and will do my level best to avoid “attacking” her, if she rejoins the conversation. Of course that does not mean that I won’t continue to question her subjective experiences if she insists on sharing them. I’m finishing up one of those “Great Courses” lecture series by Dr Indre Dr. Viskontas, a neurologist AND opera singer! Her lectures are riveting, and amazing, and I’m even more convinced that we can’t trust our subjective brains. We just can’t.

            Our brains are a mess. They are amazing, but they are a mess! Think of a software program first written years ago, that continues to get hacked, a little here, a little there. Fix this, adjust that, modify the output, pass it through that system, now pass this information over there over this type of connection, and this happens continuously for hundreds of thousands of years, and is still happening. If our brains were intelligently designed by gods or some kind of intelligent consciousness, they would surely be very different. What we have is the result of the continuous application of patches and system updates, all based on and growing out of the very first (reptilian) version released. This “mess” is largely responsible for the types of experiences that many interpret as paranormal, etc. and we’re able to illustrate this more and more as brain scanning and other monitoring technology improves. We know what parts of the brain are responsible for OBEs and NDEs, for example and can manually stimulate them.

            One of the exciting things to learn though, is how plastic our brains are, how they can be rewired to bypass old crap. Some of the things our brains do are detrimental to our well-being, particularly since we no longer live in a primitive environment; but our brains are also very amazing in being able to overcome a lot of those things, and we’re learning more and more about how to do that – how to rewire the brain. You guys read books about mythical HEBs, when there is a world of amazing science that is as real as can be, waiting to be enjoyed and incorporated into our lives.

          • Sam

            “Our brains are a mess. They are amazing, but they are a mess! “

            That’s why we need “the heart”, to guide us.

          • Patrick Gannon

            The things we refer to as “the heart” are associated with brain activity and release of chemicals and hormones in the brain. Without those brain functions, there is no “heart” as you put it. That is why some people are more and less empathetic, outgoing or introverted, etc. We all have brains that biologically differ in small ways, but that are all definitely wired in completely unique ways.

          • Sam

            Oh no, am I just my body? 🙂 Or, maybe it’s only you being altogether detached from a much larger reality, for the moment? Yes, the latter makes way more sense. Because I am not altogether detached. You will like it too when getting around to it 🙂

          • Awareness

            Blessings to you as well 😀

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            I interpreted what Patrick said differently to you, only on the basis that I know Patrick well enough to know if he suspected something was channelling then he would have looked into that, and would know the difference!
            So still think he is able to bypass that thinking part of his brain like I said.
            ‘Never back to normal’……normal is so over rated!!!

          • Sam

            “if he suspected something was channelling then he would have looked into that, and would know the difference!”

            Na, I don’t think he even believes in channeling (science has to prove it first), so how could he? He just dismiss it as “flow” no matter what it should be. He has no clue, like the existence of God.
            But, to agree to disagree is no sweat 🙂

            And your life, is it back to “normal”? After the great flood and all? 🙂

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            As normal as its gets when you live in a sit com, but yes, house is back to normal and a 9m3 skip was filled in no time. Finally after 3 mths of hell and 3 floods.
            Although dear daughter on her OE contiki tour through Europe is being rather troublesome. No Mum wants the daily text report to say “finally off a 17hour ferry trip to Greece, messy shithole so thank God we went straight to an outer Island. Was only an hour off the boat and some random drunk guy bought me a really pretty dress cos we have matching bumblebee tattoos. Lol. Xxx”.

            WTF????? What part of no talking to any boys for 3 months travelling didnt she hear, nor register that he probably wasnt just buying her a pretty dress?! Almost ready to get on a plane to babysit her!!!!!!

          • Sam

            You are wonderful normal at times, just the worried parent, like everyone else. Quite refreshing 🙂
            So, if ever in doubt, with racing thoughts, and scriptures up and down the wall, there is at least one safe point, to hold on to, for what for sure and no doubt is real, this feeling of yours.
            Oh, I know that you know. Just reminding myself too 🙂

          • Spiritual_Annie


            Calm down, Mama. Just remember that every day brings her one day closer to home. You can do it. At least you’ve had the cleanup to keep you busy part of the time. Hang in there!

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Kristen

            Hi Annie…just a hello and to see how the ankle is?
            Hope all is ok.

          • Spiritual_Annie

            Hey, Kirsten,

            The foot’s still really sore, but if I put on my shoes, which are actually really good work shoes that look like sneakers, I do OK. And barefoot I’m OK so long as I’m on flat surfaces. It’s bending at the ball of the foot that hurts most. Started to get a deep red bruise, but elevation got rid of it. It never has swollen much, even after walking Biscuit.

            Today will be harder on it as I have a doc appt—yet another back injection to prove they don’t work—and I walk there and back since he’s about 6 blocks up the street. At least the steroid should keep my foot from swelling, after it’s absorbed! Just in case it’s too much, I’ve held back cab fare.

            How is your girl? Home yet, or are you still waiting impatiently?

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Kristen

            Hi…glad its doing ok and you dont have an ugly moonboot!
            Get a skateboard and make Biscuit tow you to the Doc. Our dog was a wolfhound, she could ride a skateboard, and we trained her to tow the kids on one. And to lick an icecream nicely like a human and take nice little bites til the last inch of cone. Goodness knows how I trained a dog to be human, but we got her when my son was 2 and she lived to be 13, with a human diet for dinner, so I guess she never realised she was actually a dog, she just did what the boys did. Although wasnt that good at Lego, she just lay on that!
            Bex is still away, shes gone for 3 months. Safe so far and having an amazing time, far exceeding her expectations. Although the highlight is the very end when she goes to the Titanic Museum. Odd child, she looooooooves that movie and has since she was ten. Spending probably usd$12000 to go to the freaken titanic museum! Nutter!!
            Take care and dont fall again for a while…just a helpful tip.

    • Kristen

      Read my reply to Sam below…shockingly Im with you on some of that. Tablet battery is dying and beeping at me…….later.

    • Francisco Morfi

      I understand that you prefer to use the term life instead of God. The word life is made up, we could have used another word to denote the same thing. I like to substitute the word life or interchange it with the word God and all the definitions that apply to life therefore apply to God (call it what you want). You attribute everything that happens to life, as a process, in my case I prefer, God as a process (though to me both words are interchangeable). Life is that that is and it unfolds, as is God (substituted for the word life)…and so on and so on… I could go on Forever… do you get where I’m coming from Patrick? I know that you do because I recognize you’re intelligent, though I feel sometimes too hardwired.
      Following up on your flow state, where does your information flow in from, what do you tap into; obviously from someplace or some thing or whatever you want to call it that is a higher state if conciousness (what de you call it or how is it labeled in your lexco?)
      To be continued.. My wife needs me for something.

      • Patrick Gannon

        If you want to define the process of life as the process of god, then you have to accept that the process ends. The process of life, at least for us humans at this point in our evolution, ends when our particles no longer support the patterns that sustain the process of life. Most people would not want to admit that God dies, but if you want to use that terminology, it’s OK with me, as it means God dies every time we do; but it seems to me that the word is overused, and is an automatic turnoff for those who associate it with unscientific woo and pretending to know things we don’t know.

        There was a time in the past, when substituting the word “life” for “god” had some allure for me, but no longer. You could just as easily substitute the word “unknown” for “god” and it would fit more often than not. You can substitute the word “everything,” but why bother – we already have a word for that. We already have a word for life. God is something we have no evidence for, but we do have evidence for life, right? I would no longer suggest using those words interchangeably. You suggest that I’m too hardwired, but my history would not support that – at least not since I broke away from Christianity.

        Life is like the flame of a candle. It’s a process – a series of chemical reactions, a pattern of particles. When you blow the candle out, the process of flame ends. The particle patterns that supported it stopped. Everything necessary to support it, is still there, but the process itself ended – so too with life. When our particles no longer provide the pattern that supports the process, we’re food for worms.

        “Flow” is tapping that which is internal in us, and in some cases, that which we are a part of in a shared group experience. It comes out of my brain, my genetic traits, my experiences, my memories, education, knowledge, and most of all, how my brain is wired by all those things. Flow is a state that can bypass one of the thinking systems, so it can feel like it comes from outside of us, but it all emerges from our brains. There are no forces that come from outside of us that affect our particles, or we’d know it. Physicists are adamant on this. Anything we haven’t discovered yet is too weak to do anything, or simply has no effect on the atoms that make up our natural world. This hasn’t been communicated to the general public as well and as widely as it should be, but it’s getting there.

        Strings (perhaps) form the basis for quarks and electrons, from which emerge atoms, from which emerge, molecules, then cells, then finally consciousness. You have to use the correct language to speak to each level. Atoms aren’t “wet” but water is. Water and wetness are emergent qualities of atoms and molecules. It makes no sense to use the term “wet” when discussing atoms, because “wetness,” like consciousness, is (almost surely) an emergent quality that must be discussed in its own terms and language separate from the atoms and molecules that make it up. Flow leverages the emergent quality of consciousness, creating a state in our brain where we are acting in a highly efficient and coordinated manner, when focused on a particular thing. Our brains want to jump from attention to attention, but in this state, we’re able to shut out those other things competing for attention and really nail whatever it is we’re doing.

  • Sam

    It’s certainly been a helpful reminder, Neale. All of which I recognize; been there, done that. Yet, the score is 27 – 0, in your favor 🙂 I can’t help think that your first book turned it around for you. Not from steps, but from a dark period in your life, and God literally helping you out. As I have got to understand it at least. Sometimes destiny seems to rule supreme—for what to be, and not.

  • Jethro

    Separation of the thoughts of the mind and the communication of the soul is not easy but with practice it becomes normal.
    Step one is to know there is God. Does the conversation not exist without God. The conversation is always there, we cannot stop it, so some just have another word for God and to those people, that’s OK. I have recently tried to identify that part of thought which is called the connection to God or the voice of God and have not found a good word that may be accepted by everyone. That word does not exist because, All things can be argued and it always comes back to the word God.. and then denial of such a being. Yet the conversation still exists.

    I wrote a bit beyond this point but realized it was in vane. who am I sharing it with? Someone who doesn’t care and someone who already knows….

  • Is it true that you create your own reality? Go to CwG connect & click on “The self selected” and that title will pop uP. Now I would reprint it here, but Neale may use it as his next blog post, which I think would be a tremendous idea for further discussion. It is rather long, but he covers so much ground & questions. It’s not as cut & dried as people think & there’s a lot of mis-understanding, miscommunication & mis-education on the subject.

    Never the less I will reprint something else he said in regards to this question in a Q & A on the same site. Much shorter but also good to read.

    Manifestation question & answer.

    Neale Donald Walsch

    In my experience and from my understanding of the contents of Conversations with God, manifestation is not achieved through a formula that can be described in 25 words or less. There seems to be no “Right Way to Do It” and “Wrong Way to Do It”, as far as I can tell. And it is also not foolproof, or 100% effective. But yes, I believe that a strong desire is an important element in the process. On the other hand, about “knowing exactly what you want,” I am not so sure. I seem to remember, somewhere in the 4,000 pages of the CWG dialogue, some comment about NOT specifying what one desires, down to the last crossed ‘t’ and dotted ‘i’.

    In other words, if what I want is a new car, I would probably not sit down and specify a 2017 Honda CRV, blue, with whitewall tires, a sun roof, a back-up video display, and heated seats. I might see that in my visualization, but I would not insist on it. I might say to myself (that is, to God), “This, God, or something better.” I might begin using the words: “My perfect car is coming to me now.” And let it go at that.

    One more word about “desire.” Many people have a deep desire for things that never manifest. Then they sometimes become angry about this. “What am I doing wrong?”, they want to know. The trick to manifestation…at least as I have experienced it in my life… is to not require, expect, demand, or move into a deep emotional experience of really, truly, urgently or desperately wanting something. It is good to remember what we were told in Conversations with God.

    God said in CWG that you may not have what you want. This is because the very act of wanting something pushes it away from you. And THAT is because your announcement that you desperately want it is also your announcement that you do not have it. This declaration is heard loud and clear by the universe, which returns that exact reality to your experience.

    I therefore advise people who are using verbalizations as a manifestation process to say things in a way that can be true right here, right now. “I have all the money I need,” is a good example. “My perfect job is coming to me now,” is another good example. “Every day, in every way, I get better and better” is a classic example of autosuggestion created by the Frenchman Emile Coue 100 over years ago.

    The point is that you want to put into words ideas and thoughts, desires and announcements, that your mind can agree with. When you are in full agreement with your Self, miracles can happen. Yet even then there are times when the manifestation process does not seem to be working for us. That is time to “let go and let God.” Know that the perfect outcome in every situation is on its way — even though that outcome may not seem perfect to you right now. As my wonderful colleague Byron Katie would say: “Don’t argue with life.”

    You may find it extraordinarily beneficial to read her wonderful book, “Loving What Is.” It has the power to change people’s lives overnight.

    I hope this little discourse has been of some help to you. Blessings always………Neale.”