Question of the Week

How can we best respond, if in any way at all beyond a shaking of the head in sadness and dismay, to the Newton, Connecticut tragedy?

Do you see anything contradictory in using the Death Penalty as a Society’s means of deterring people from killing people?

If there was one thing that could change the self-destructive direction in which our world is moving, what do you think it would be?

What is the case for secrecy? What is the case for privacy? How do you think the world would change if there were neither?

What will you be most thankful for between now and this same day in 2013?

Is there any way — and way at all, short of all-out war killing thousands — to bring an end to the Israeli-Hamas conflict?


From a spiritual point of view, what is your reaction and response to the General Petraeus/Paula Broadwell affair and the General’s resignation as head of the CIA? And what of Holly, his wife, and Scott, her husband, in all of this?

What is your honest, non-vitriolic, non-verbally-assaulting, simple, thoughtful, and contemplative reaction to the re-election of Barack Obama as President of the United States?

Do you believe that Hurricane Sandy is God’s punishment for the wicked ways of America, and that God is systematically destroying America? If you do, what is the basis of your belief? If not, what do you think could cause someone else to believe this?

Should women who find themselves pregnant as a result of a rape be told that they must give birth because it is God’s intention that the pregnancy occur? And what if the rape is by your father, or your brother? Should you have your father’s child, or your brother’s child, because it is God’s intention that you got pregnant from their sexual attack?