How to reconcile Oneness with eating plants and animals?

I believe I am one with all life. I do try to preserve life. I do not kill anything I can help killing. I have even taken flies outside (Once there were a bunch trapped inside a window, and easy to catch).  But I have often been perplexed by the fact that I still eat meat. Is eating plant life any different?… Janey

Dear Janey… To me, that’s the predicament we have with the way we are separated from our food sources in modern-day society. It’s so much easier to eat an animal that has already been slaughtered, prepared, and packaged for our convenience. If I were totally true to myself, I would never eat any meat at all. I haven’t consumed any land animals in over 20 years, but still do eat some seafood. But I can tell you, if I had to catch it myself, I wouldn’t do it. When I see a fisherman catch a fish and put it in his bucket, it’s all I can do to not go over and toss it back into the water!

As for eating whole plants that we call “vegetables,” that’s not ideal for the spiritually aware person either, as they are also living, breathing individuations of God/Life. I personally feel a little guilty when pulling weeds out of the yard and find myself wanting to give them a “heads up” and apologize!

If you haven’t read Conversations With God Book 3, you may want to see what it has to say about how Highly Evolved Beings deal with this question.

CWG says, “Every act is an act of self-definition.” If we want to stop eating plants and animals, we can instead choose to eat only their by-products (seeds, fruits, nuts, grains, eggs and cheese) and probably do our bodies, minds and spirits a world of good!

If you’re interested in experimenting with a vegetarian diet, I can most highly recommend Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone by Deborah Madison. It’s the cooking “Bible” in our house, and if I could only own one cookbook, this would be it. It takes you by the hand and teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about veggies but were afraid to ask. Bon appetit!

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  • James Clarke

    Consciousness requires mobility/transition. Part of transitioning is the process we call dying or death. The reason we are so drawn to eating plants and animals is that it is natural, i.e, we assist them in their transition. If you choose not to eat meats or vegetables then by all means don’t but leave all judgments aside. In the same way we accept that all things are created by us and nothing happens to us, we simply must assume that the same goes for these so called “lower lifeforms”. We have to try to think of them as intelligent lifeforms who, like us, chose to be here at this time and under these conditions for the opportunity of transitioning in furtherance of their own evolution.

  • Maribeth McFaul

    Two great resources are “Diet for a New American” by John Robbins and the documentary and cook book “Forks over Knives.” According to the China study and other scientific data meat protein is actually unhealthy for humans. We can get all the protein and nutrients we need from beans, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

    If humans were to eat the grains fed to animals, as opposed to processing them through the animals, we would be healthier and so would the environment. America has been fooled by the dairy, poultry, and beef lobbies into thinking that their products are part of a proper diet. Guess who designed the food pyramid? Once again, in comes down to Economics vs. Culture.

  • mewabe

    Great advice by Annie and Maribeth…

    I would just add this suggestion: whatever you eat, don’t forget to thank it, from the heart not just the lips, for its gift to you. And also thank the earth and the Creator, the Center from which all things originate and to which they all return.

    Prepare your food in love and appreciation…take the time.

    Your body itself will be in a better place to receive and utilize the gift, through great appreciation. Your own health and energy will dramatically increase if you consistently do this from the heart.

    Guided by appreciation, you will know what to do, what to choose, through harmony and balance.

    Everything has a form of consciousness, and everything responds to love and gratitude, including the entire earth, every tree, every rock, water, and the soil under our feet. Some people feel and know this, others do not yet, but they will.

    Everything is alive, spiritually speaking. Everything has a voice, a power, a unique energy or frequency. Everything responds to you, your thoughts and feelings, your energy.This is something Native Americans knew, and that so called civilized people forgot, temporarily.

    I personally would rather eat an unhealthy meal prepared with great care and love than a healthy meal prepared in haste by an irritated, annoyed and stressed individual.

    Such is my understanding of the power of energy.

  • Δήμητρα

    Hi, i really liked your theory that eating a vegetable is the equivalent in the plant world of killing an animal. Makes sense indeed.
    I don’t know much about farming, so i wanna ask: are there any types of vegetables that you take the “fruit”, let’s say, and the plant goes on living? (real vegetables i mean, not tomatoes, zucchini etc.)
    Also, vegetables are like grass, aren’t they? Many animals eat grass and i’m pretty sure humans are the only animal who doesn’t follow his natural diet! So, my point is maybe we’ re meant to kill plants? what are your thoughts on that?
    As for grains and eggs and dairy. First of all eating an egg clearly is not different than eating a grown animal. You just eat it at the first stages of its life. And if you think that being a fetus is not being alive, then you should look at all the theories about how human babies, still inside the belly, respond to outside stimulants like music. Dairy is also obvious as well. For an animal to have milk,it means it has babies to feed. It’s just like humans. Imagine someone is coming and takes your milk that was meant for your baby and gives it to someone else leaving your baby starving.That’s what we do to them. Now, grains is less clear but i believe that whatever we were meant to feed on was created by god along with us and put on the planet. The natural state of humans in being in the wild, like in paleolithic times and correct me if i’m wrong but paleo humans did not eat any grains cause grains don’t grow by themselves in the wild. It’s actually also a scietific fact that diseases started affecting humanity from the moment that we settled down and started farming.
    Think about it, have you ever seen wild animals (really wild, not close to a contaminated river etc.) having any type of disease? I believe a God so full of love would not send us to this earth to be tormented. On the contrary, he cared for us and created the natural laws so that we can have abundance, happiness and live carefree. This can also be backed up scientifically. In 1931, dr Otto Warburg won the nobel prize for demonstrating how cancer in the byproduct of an acidic bodily ph. So to cure cancer what you need to do is to alkalize your body. The foods that are alkalizing are raw fruits, vegetables and most nuts and seeds. Meat and grains, on the other hand, are acidic. There was also a doctor, Dr gerson, who cured cancer using those ingredients and said ” stay close to nature and its eternal laws will protect you”.
    With all this being said, I absolutely agree that eating the right way can bring you closer to God. In my personal experience, it happened when I became a high carb, low fat, raw vegan (I’m not trying to promote any diet here, god intended for us to eat our food directly from earth, no other animal is cooking! i’m just mentioning what ratio of the raw ingredients worked for me personally). Before i was sort of not very sprirituall, a non- believer you can say, and from the moment i started eating this way, everything begun to make sense to me without reading or hearing anything connecting to spirituallity, just by changing my eating habits. I saw god’s intelligence and love in every little thing in our planet.
    And by the way, we’ re not supposed to pull the weeds out… Nature doesn’t create anything without a reason! Search what’ s natural farming or watch this documentary about farming in the scriptures,
    Ok, finished my long bubbling. Sorry for the lenght…ahhaha It’s my first post here so i hope i didn’t offend anyone and sorry for my english, it’s a bit rusty!

  • Richard Robinson

    ok… It’s all about choice and Your higher choice….Imagine the American Indian before “we” got here…lived of the land, work with nature, loved the animals, honored their sacrifice…the animal …honored and thankful to be of service in the natural order. well that would go for vegetables too?

    Now ….animals and plants killed and processed by machines… without Love, or Respect….many of us don’t even say “grace” anymore… I get it now, and I’m saying Grace at every meal now! Lord Bless This Meal And All The Creatures Who Gave Their Lives To Nourish Me … (and family, etc…), and those who prepared it, those not here with us… add your own 🙂

    So the organic approach is better? 🙂 I Love sarcasm 🙂 ….Sigh…. 🙂 we talk about this…that…the other thing…. Oneness solves it All! No judgement, just an Observation…

    Oh yea… Thanks Big G….relax, breathe, thoughts flow…. We are given clues and options constantly , but we think we are “better” and choose normal over natural…Nature shows us this…a Lion does not judge, hate, etc. It’s kills-hunts to feed it’s family…if there are leftovers the hyenas, or vultures will take care of it…nothing goes in a trashcan…no one holds a grudge….It applies to all aspects of how We “deal” with each other….Animals defend their families, but would not contemplate genocide, there are exceptions, but you get the point, Nature flows, cooperates…We try to Dominate, Control, Master…..This is The Change that was thought of a few years ago but not well presented…..We Are One….We Are The Change….We As One,Choose The Change That Serves Us All! Another Way…this way doesn’t work 🙁 let’s keep trying it… 🙁 Oh … There might be another way? 🙂 A way that serves Us All ? 🙂 Just sayin…. Love, Rocket